Since 1983 (in Turkey), Kimteks Kimya Tekstil Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has been supplying raw materials to different industries such as artificial leather, polyurethane systems, sole, rubber, adhesive and paint in Turkey. In 1999, Kimteks, with a "Polyurethane System House" investment, started the production, sales and distribution of the main production groups: Footwear, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam and Case Systems.




Footwear Systems

KIMfoot footwear polyurethane systems have a wide variety of products and are classified in different groups based on their areas of usage. These systems are developed to meet the special needs of each subgroup and can be applied by injection or pouring machines. With its ability to develop customer-specific systems, Kimpur Polyurethane has a wide range of solutions, from the production of low-density slippers to safety shoes requiring high flexibility and resistance. Kimpur, developing specially tailored polyurethane systems to make all kinds of footwear and footwear systems. Comfortable footwear systems produced on request are used in boot systems, slipper systems and work safety shoe systems.

Flexible Foam Systems

MDI-based Kimflex systems produced by Kimteks Polyurethane in Turkey are classified as flexible foam systems, integral systems, filter systems and viscoelastic systems.

Rigid Foam Systems

Rigid Foam Systems designed and produced in Kimteks Polyurethane System Plants are used in the following applications. Rigid polyurethane foam systems designed and produced at Kimteks Polyurethane System Facilities. That systems used in many special, sectoral applications. At the beginning of these applications are pipe insulation systems, refrigerator systems, PIR systems, spray systems and others. Rigid systems that fall into the polyurethane system category are hardened due to the closed cells in their structure and the thermal conductivity coefficient (lambda) is lower than other insulating materials like wood rock wool and polystyrene. For this reason, the rigid systems have much better heat insulation properties than other insulating materials.

Special Products

Kimteks Polyurethane produces polymers for flexible foam, cold cure, filter, integral, and viscoelastic systems, elastomers and adhesive product applications, primarily footwear applications. The use of prepolymers provides easier working conditions compared to unprocessed isocyanates, so the desired features of the product can be better controlled. Kimteks produces prepolymers for many applications from 2% free NCO to 30% free NCO.

Polyester Polyols

Kimpur, with its broad product range, supplies raw materials to the sectors such as footwear industry (system component), paint industry, foam, elastomer and insulation industries (rigid foam applications).


06 December


Our R & D Officer Emre Aytan's article on viscoelastic systems can be found at the link below.

03 September


Turkey is one of the countries having the most slipper production worldwide, following China. Based on the recently increasing raw material prices, polyurethane raw material producers show great efforts to reduce the density in slipper systems. ...MORE

19 July

Great Performance in Four Seconds

Our R&D Officer Dinçer Eker's Great Performance in Four-Seconds article at One of our industry's leading magazines in Putech & Composites;

01 June

KİMPUR is Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2017 !

ISO 500 is the list of first 500 industrial enterprises of Turkey declared by ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry) since 1968 based on the economic performance of companies in the relevant calendar year.MORE

01 June

Kimpur Utech 2018

Special thanks to our customers who visited us at utech2018 Maastricht Exhibition,hope to see you again in 2021.MORE

25 May

Our Kimpur team is in Utech Europe 2018 !

13 May

Kimpur Aysaf 2018

13 May


  With the advantages of authorized economic operator certificate Kimpur enjoys simplified customs procedure and provides rapid service to customers.MORE

20 April

Kimpur Host The Students!

  We welcomed the chemists of future in the event held in cooperation with Yıldız Teknik University Chemistry department. Beginning with the presentations of our Plant Director and R&D Manager, the event continued with field trip and tria...MORE

16 April

One more award for Kimpur!

In the ceremony organized by İKMİB, Kimpur has been the 4th company in Plastic Raw Materials Export Category in 2017. For this honour, we are really thanks to our export team and all KİMPUR.MORE


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