Flexible Foam Systems are generally used in automotive and furniture industries.

They are open-cell polyurethane foams and shaped in polyester and aluminium moulds by high or low-pressure machines.

Its content is water-based and no halogen-containing blowing agent is used.

Depending on the usage, products with different density and compression strength are available.

Flame-resistant products can be designed with appropriate additives, particularly in automotive, train, aircraft seat and other applications in which fire-resistance is required.

Kimpur's MDI-based systems classified as flexible foam systems, integral systems, filter systems and viscoelastic systems. This systems are produced in Turkey.

Flexible Foam Systems

Our new flexible foam system has been Developed by Kimpur Flexible R & D department. In addition, our flexible foam systems using many different areas.

The advantages of our Flexible Foam Systems are as follows;

Low weight

High elasticity

Ability to work at low mold temperature

Work smoothly in mold leaks

Products that do not collapse with open cell structure