It is a polyurethane spray foam system used for many fields such as interior walls and exterior roofs of buildings and the pipe and tank insulation for industrial purpose.

Its on-site and rapid application can provide a high amount of insulation in a short time. Thanks to its uniform foam structure, it completely eliminates the thermal bridges.

The exothermic reaction occurring after the application of polyol and isocyanate on the surface by a spray gun results in the foam to swell, and be solidified and bound to the surface.

The resulting foam is a minimum of 90% closed-cell and provides excellent thermal insulation to the applied surface. The material is applied in multiples according to the desired final thickness.

The density is adjusted by taking into consideration of the area of use and the required strength.

KIMsprey products can be formulated as B2 or B3 in accordance with DIN 4102-1 standard.